FAQ About Energy Therapy

faq-330-pxl-transparent-backgroundQWhen will I see results? How many sessions will I need?

Everybody wants a quick and easy answer to this question. And my answer is… It depends. (I know, that’s not what you wanted to hear!) Everybody is different and each situation is unique. Some people get instant relief in just one session, (it really does happen!) while others require a few more sessions for complete resolution.

What typically happens is more of a process; a gentle removing of layers of old emotional crud, one by one, and a gradual unfolding of consciousness, which results in healing The innate wisdom of the subconscious knows what needs to be healed and in what order, (and sometimes, oftentimes, it doesn’t unfold in the exact order or manner in which we think it’s going to.)

Because this is a process, and I want you to feel relief right away, I will teach you some techniques for calming and balancing your energy. This helps keep you feeling stable between sessions while you are processing releasing all those emotions that no longer serve you and healing.

I do have a system I follow to make sure we address all aspects of a situation. Sometimes the roots of a problem are obvious, more often, the roots are things we didn’t even consciously realize. We want to eliminate all of those roots because that’s the ultimate key to emotional freedom.

I have found that clients seek help on one matter, then they discover how quick and easy and painless it is to release and resolve whatever was in the forefront and they feel so much better and lighter that they want to work on the next thing.

QWill energy therapy interfere with Western medicine or any alternative medical treatments? Will energy therapy interfere with talk therapy or other types of psychotherapy?

My work is compatible with all healing modalities. None of the techniques I use, EFT, Emotion Code, etc, will interfere with any medical treatments or other physical or mental therapies you may be currently using. It is just the opposite! Releasing stored negative emotional energies from the body and restoring and balancing the body’s energy flow greatly enhances the natural innate healing ability of your body. I personally believe that Western medicine, alternative medicine, and energy therapy are all necessary and work best when combined.

QHow does energy therapy compare to talk therapy?

Although we do talk during sessions, this is not like talk therapy. Traditional talk therapy is about coping with life situations, talking about what happened to you, shifting perspectives, etc. My focus is on releasing the stored energies of emotional traumas from the body. We talk about it only enough to identify it, and then we energetically release it. Exit crud; enter good stuff – like love and happiness and gratitude!

There are many excellent and compassionate talk therapists that do much good in the world. My personal experience with talk therapy was quite different. I had a phobia that stalked me every day of my life. So I saw a therapist and began breaking down the many layers of that phobia. Talking about the same painful things over and over every Wednesday for months on end did absolutely nothing to improve my ability to cope or change my perspective – it did just the opposite. Repeating and reliving that stuff only served to reinforce and further entrench those events, which traumatized me even more. After a year of this uncomfortable process, I told my therapist I’d told her everything (at least twice!) and there was really nothing left to talk about. It felt like I had cleaned out a closet and put all the junk in a big black garbage bag. And every time I went to see her she made me open up the garbage bag, take something out, and rehash it. I was sick and tired (literally – physically and spiritually sick) of carrying around that big black garbage bag. I was ready to throw it out and I wanted her to tell me what I needed to do to leave the trash at the curb. She ruffled her feathers and said I clearly didn’t understand what therapy was all about, that we needed to keep talking about it until it eventually went away, sometimes it could take years, and I was putting too much pressure on her. And with her next breath she fired me as her patient for insubordination! It was the best thing that happened to me, though at the time part of me felt like a kid that was in big trouble with the teacher and was making a long walk to the principal’s office. That’s when I began working with various energy therapy techniques. I learned to release from my body the energetic vibrations from all that old junk. The process was gentle and effective and resulted in profound healing. And that big black garbage bag? I’m no longer hauling that thing around! It disintegrated.

QWill energy therapy interfere, conflict with, or go against my religious and/or spiritual beliefs? Are your sessions religious? Are you religious?

I believe religious and spiritual beliefs are deeply personal and that everyone is entitled to his or her own belief system. I’ve worked with people from many different sects: Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, new agers, you name it. It doesn’t matter if your spirituality speaks to God, multiple Gods, The Universe, or The Force. I don’t bring God or religion into a session unless specifically requested by the client. I am a spiritual person and I do believe I do this healing work through the grace of my God and many guardian angels. I am Christian, (specifically a free-thinking Catholic), and I am also a legally ordained Minister of Holistic Healing.

QDo you give advice about treatment protocols, prescriptions drugs, antibiotics, herbs, supplements, vitamins, or diets?

No, please don’t ask me these questions because I am not a trained physician or herbalist. I will advise you to consult with your licensed physician, naturopath, or health care practitioner. And though I did recover from complicated Lyme disease, I know what worked (and didn’t work) for me. My body chemistry is unique to me and is completely different from anyone else’s body chemistry, so what worked for me may or may not work for you. I have compiled some helpful resources here.

QWill you muscle test for me to see if I’m taking the right supplements, or if the medication my doctor prescribed is right for me?

No. Your protocol is between you and your licensed physician, naturopath, or health care practitioner. However, I am able to teach you to self-muscle test so you can independently use that skill to help make the decisions that are right for you and your body.

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